“It’s always an adventure.” So, we may have taken the phrase “lost in London” a little too seriously..we didn’t really physically get lost..but we were at a loss for what to do within the first couple of hours of being there. We had booked an AirBnb for the weekend to stay in. There were four … More IT’S LONDON, BABY!

When In Rome

I have been dreaming about Rome since 2003 when my childhood idol, Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff), went to Rome after her 8th grade graduation. Anybody who really knows me that the Lizzie McGuire Movie is my all-time favorite movie. I’ve been dreaming since I was 7-years-old about going to Rome and falling in love and … More When In Rome


Pella After Richard Hugo Aimee Uitermarkt   Right in the heart of Iowa lies a small town of 10,344 people. Tulips and Dutch fronts line the streets, but the townspeople only go outdoors if the weather is exceptional for their taste, and never on Sunday unless it is to relax and honor the Sabbath. Everybody … More Pella

Little Girl In Pink

Little Girl in Pink Concepción Serrano, later Countess of Santovenia By Rosales Gallena, Eduardo Aimee Uitermarkt   She is brilliant in every sense of the word. Her dress, the perfect mixture of red and white with a matching ribbon placed carelessly in her brown, wavy hair, and pink ballet slippers proved her elegance and grace … More Little Girl In Pink


  Happiness Aimee Uitermarkt   Happiness can come in many ways, shapes, or forms. Some of them can be simple, Like receiving emails from family full of Kind words and well wishes That just scream “I MISS YOU” but also Say “I’m so glad you’re having such a good time.”   Small successes such as … More Happiness

The Traveling Soul

The Traveling Soul Aimee Uitermarkt   Like somewhere straight out of a fairytale, full of enchantment and mystery. As green as the rolling hills of Iowa during a spring full of rain. Instead of “I’m blue ba-ba-di-ba-bi-da” it’s “I’m green”. Castles, palaces, and wells deeper than a poet’s soul, how enchanting. Old, yet inviting, like … More The Traveling Soul

My Duende

Duende: The word “duende” refers to a spirit in Spanish, Portuguese, and Filipino folklore and literally means “ghost” or “goblin” in Spanish. It is believed to derive from the phrase “dueño de casa,” which means “owner of a house.” The term is traditionally used in flamenco music or other art forms to refer to the … More My Duende