A Much Unrequested-Not-Needed-By-Anyone Update

What’s up 2020? Happy New Year! (Even though it’s almost the end of January already lol).

It’s been a minute since I’ve blogged.. and honestly, that’s because my life really hasn’t been that exciting. We still live in the same farmhouse as before, we both still have the same jobs as before (me at the Town Crier, Ryan at Center Point Electric), we still drive the same cars, we still don’t have any kids yet. (And if it’s up to us, we probably won’t for a while, just FYI).

Untitled_Artwork 2
A one-line drawing of our house that I did

Probably the most exciting things we’ve done since I last blogged which was when we got back from our Honeymoon in Italy are as follows:

  1. My friends Jordan and Sydney from St. Louis came up to Pella to experience Tulip Time in all of its glory! We all studied abroad in Spain together (that’s how I met them) and so it was fun for them to come and see what Pella is all about and experience all the fun of Tulip Time! Complete with a photo of us girls wearing some traditional Dutch hats… because it wouldn’t have been complete without it! I suppose I could’ve tried to get them into a Dutch costume… Anyway, I hadn’t seen them in FOREVER and so it was time for me to see them again. Time with them fills my cup.We watched some of our good friends get married! Sadé and Joe got married on a snowy day in late April in Dubuque. Christian and Maddy got married August 31 at a winery in Newton, IA, and Lucas and Bethany got married on September 28 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had never been to Grand Rapids before, and Ryan has an aunt and uncle that live there + some cousins so it was fun for us to go there not only for the wedding but also to visit with family we don’t see often and also explore a new (to me) city.(Yes I wore the same dress to two weddings but to be fair 1) I had lost 20ish lbs between the first one and the second one and 2) there were 4 months in between the two photos)
  2. We also visited Chicago this summer for an outdoor concert. We saw Jon Bellion at the Huntington Bank Pavillion which was super fun and it was a really nice evening. I got us tickets for Ryan’s birthday last year since I had seen Jon Bellion before but he hadn’t. (Now his birthday is tomorrow….my how time flies!) Ryan was pumped because the concert was right next to Soldier Field (Go Bears!).
  3. We went on a family vacation with Ryan’s immediate family to Decorah. Decorah is a special place for the Pastoor’s because they’d go up there every year when the boys were younger and they’d camp and go fishing. Now that all the boys are married, they wanted to take another trip up there so we could all spend some quality time together and the boys could fish. The girls had a shopping day one day while the boys fished and we visited some of the local shops in downtown Decorah and we got facials. It was all of our first time ever getting facials and they were sooooo relaxing. We did more of the “Decorah” things with the boys over the next few days and we even got family photos taken! We (us kids) had been working with Becky Ochsner of Becky Ochsner Photography, LLC to have family photos taken as a gift to Mom. The pictures turned out incredible (as expected) and now there is a nice framed canvas portrait of the Pastoor family hanging in Jeff and Sue’s living room. 🙂

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    We went to the American Gothic house with my best friend Christa when she came to visit for a weekend. I guess I always knew it was close by (aka in Iowa somewhere) but I never knew that I’ve lived about an hour and a half from it my entire life. (Except when I lived in Dubuque and Spain lol)IMG_8769
  4. Processed with VSCO with 6 preset
    We recreated the American Gothic with our house. Photo credits to Joeseph Slater Lemley
  5. My parents got a PUPPY!

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    oh how could I forget about Finn? He brings me so much joy, and brings my parents so much frustration sometimes lol. I love him so much, though. He’s just what I need if I’m having a bad day, and he always makes me smile. We recently caught him with a sticker stuck on his tail and it was the funniest thing that has happened in a while.. if that tells you anything about how exciting my life is lol
  6. Ryan and I did some other things like kayak’d, went to an iCubs game with the UD Alumni association, visited Ryan’s friend Mason’s booth at the Des Moines Art Show, went to the Red Rock Balloonfest with my friend Joe who was passing through on his way back to Colorado! We also went to another Des Moines Buccaneers game, which was a good time as always! They played the Dubuque Fighting Saints, so I was more into the game than normal because Dubuque is my second home. We went to Adventureland, too, and broke our record of going on 4 rides (Ryan really doesn’t care for them….but like what’s the point of going to Adventureland if you’re not going to ride the rides??) and we went on 6 this year!! And we spent time at the water park even though it wasn’t the warmest day ever..but that was about the only thing Ryan was willing to do, so we did it.

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    We celebrated our first year of marriage in October! We went to Ohana’s Steakhouse in Des Moines for dinner (and a show) and visited a new coffee shop in downtown Des Moines! We also celebrated a little later by going to an Iowa game in November. The first year anniversary gift is supposed to be “paper” so my gift to Ryan was tickets to the Iowa game (see a common theme here?)

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  7. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Ryan’s family when we were in Decorah since we were all together, and with my family on Thanksgiving Day. We had a busy December filled with family birthdays, Christmases, New Years, and I had surgery on December 30th to remove a cyst from my left ovary.Probably the biggest thing that’s happened in the last year is that I started WW (formerly known as “Weight Watchers”) in May. It was right after Tulip Time and I just felt so gross and bloated and unhappy with myself. I decided to try WW because I had a couple of friends who were doing it and being successful and so I thought, why not try it for myself? I am currently down 36 lbs since mid-May (8 months) simply from eating better and learning healthier alternatives and portion control. I really like it! If you have any questions about it, feel free to message me and I’d be happy to help.
My most recent transformation pic.

Other than that, not much is new here. Tomorrow is Ryan’s birthday and we are going to celebrate with family and go to Red Lobster for dinner (his fave).

I just wanted to check in and let you know that we’re still here, we’re still kickin’ and #LivingTheDream. I’m going to try to get back into blogging more, so stay tuned! I’m going to aim for twice a month to start and then if I find that I am wanting to write more, I’ll write more!

That’s all for now, though. I feel like I should say something cliché like “bye for now!” or “toodles!” or “xoxo!” or “until next time!” but all of that just seems………..weird…………….but I’m gonna do it anyway lol. (I need a catch phrase to end these. Any ideas? I have one that I’m gonna try out below..please tell me if it’s lame lol.)

That’s all the adventures I have for you right now. (Get it? Because this page is called Adventures of Aim10…. is it lame?)

With love,


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