Signs You Grew Up in a Dutch Family

Dutch Letters

Every family has its own culture. Some families take their genetic origins more seriously than others.

(*Cough cough*… insert hand-raising emoji here!)

After growing up in a Dutch family, marrying into an obviously Dutch family (hence, “Vande Vegte”), and moving from one intensely Dutch part of Iowa to another, I started realizing how equally odd and special Dutch traditions are.

If you are one of “God’s chosen people,” then you can probably relate with many of these tell-tale signs that you, indeed, grew up in a Dutch family.

Not only do you attend the Tulip Festival or Tulip Time Celebration every year, but you argue with anyone who would possibly schedule something else on the same weekend.

If you’re Dutch and by some genetic mutation are NOT tall, blonde, and blue-eyed, then others will call you out on it, as if you had the choice to rebel against this stereotypical…

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