One More For The Road..

As our class comes to an end, I am sad to think about how almost a month has gone by, yet I am very excited to see what the rest of my time in Spain and Europe holds. We have officially booked all of our trips we are going on and although it will be a lot of traveling and I’m sure I will be exhausted by the end of it, I am so excited and so blessed to even be able to be in a different country in the first place, let alone to be traveling around. Here is my list of planned trips:

  • Toledo, Spain – Feb. 3
  • Lisbon, Portugal – Feb. 9-12
  • Segovia, Spain – Feb. 17
  • Paris, France – Feb. 23-26
  • Rome, Italy – Mar. 2-5
  • London, England – Mar. 16-19
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Mar. 23-26

I would love to travel to other places in Spain if possible but we will see if time and money allow for that to happen. I would love to go to southern Spain or somewhere on the coast to swim in the Mediterranean.

I am excited to see how much better at Spanish I am by the end of my time here, and thinking about going home is already making me sad. We have only been here for a few weeks but it feels like I’ve lived here for months.

As far as problem solving goes, I’m not sure if I will use these problem solving methods in the future, but it is very possible! I have noticed that I am more aware about how I can make a better world. I try not to use electricity at my host family’s house unless I have to. I try to use the light from the window until it gets dark and I try not to leave things plugged in if I’m not using them.

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