Thoughts on the Personal Problem Project

I thought the 4-Step CPS Model was interesting. I am more of a do-er when it comes to things I need to get done, including problems I wish to solve. By this I mean that I don’t usually take the time to sit and think about all of the different areas and aspects of a problem and analyze all of the different ways I can solve it. I usually just try to come up with the best way to solve the problem in the shortest amount of time and then do that. I do think about things a lot, however…but it is usually after the fact. The 4-Step CPS Model forced me to take the time to sit and brainstorm and think through my problem instead of just coming up with a quick and easy solution. It also forced me to ask for help. I’m very stubborn and a hard-worker when it comes to school or work. Having to actually ask for help was something new for me. Having to admit that I couldn’t figure this out entirely on my own was a foreign concept to me. Sure, I ask for help from my friends when I’m having boy issues and whatnot..but not about my personality flaws which is what my project focused on.

I brainstormed most of my ideas when I was alone on the bus to/from school or the train or walking home or when I was eating alone. I even found myself thinking about it in the shower. I found it difficult to completely fill out the lotus blossom because like I said, I don’t usually take the time to think of all of the different possibilities. I usually just come up with a couple, and that was easy to see when I started filling out the lotus and I could only fill 3 of the 8 before I was stumped and had to ask for help and do some serious research.

Overall, I thought it was an interesting way to look at a problem. I’m not sure if I will use it again because I got frustrated when I couldn’t come up with enough options to fill out the lotus, but then again, who knows what kind of problems I will need to solve in the future. I guess only time will tell!

Here is a PDF of a more in-depth description of the process.


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