Celebrate every small…adventure


I love adventures. Whether it’s something large like traveling multiple hours away or if something a simple as going to a new coffee shop that I’ve never been to before.

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine and I went to Madrid solely to go to a new coffee shop that I had seen on Instagram because I am a coffee enthusiast and am always willing to try new places in search of the best coffee I can find. We went to Toma Cafe and it was really good! I enjoyed my iced caramel latte (which are hard to find here in Spain) and the atmosphere of the tiny shop. They also made some really pretty latte art on my friend’s café con leche so now I know that next time I go to get a hot drink so I can receive latte art of my own.

We walked around the area the coffee shop is located in. The district is called Malasaña. It is seen as the creative, “hipster” area of Madrid. We went in a couple of stores there and I really enjoyed it because it was artsy and there were a lot of graphic design things to look at! We also stumbled upon the Museum of Contemporary Art which I thought was neat because it was full of modern art and graphic design.

On Saturday, we adventured to Aranjuez per suggestion by my host parents. We were originally going to go to Guadalajara but my host mom just kept saying that Guadalajara is very ugly and there’s nothing to do there. So, I asked them where we should go instead and they suggested Aranjuez. It was a cute little town south of Madrid filled with gardens to walk through. It wasn’t very crowded which was nice after always being in Alcalá de Henares and Madrid where there are people everywhere (except for on Sunday’s in Alcalá). The gardens were very relaxing and it was nice to just go on a walk with no destination in mind..to just wander and see what we stumbled across. We got a little hangry and finally decided on a pizza place and let me tell you, the pizza was PHENOMENAL. We all ate an entire medium each because that’s how hungry we were. Overall, our little trip was a success, I’d say!


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