Personality Test

I took the personality test and answered all of the questions honestly and my result was that I am a “Consul”. Consuls are extraordinarily caring, social, and popular. They are also always eager to help. 16114275_10210338520872067_315473206838515495_n

It was crazy to me how accurate the results were.

“Consuls want to make sure everybody is happy.” Yep.

“Consuls like to avoid conflict.” Always. I hate conflict. That is the main reason I stay out of politics. I feel like all it is is conflict.

“Consuls prefer to plan and have organized events instead of the spontaneous.” Yes yes yes. I pre-plan everything. I hate not knowing what is going on.

“One of Consul’s weaknesses is that they are needy.” Yeah…

I was surprised that Consuls are seen as the popular people like cheerleaders and quarterbacks. I was never “popular” like that. I had a lot of friends and different friend groups..but I was never seen as popular.

I think a lot of the factors that affected how accurate my results were the questions about putting other peoples happiness before mine and asking me if I am organized and make to-do lists or not. Which I do, all the time.

I took the time to read the different categories about relationships an friendships and parenthood and careers. The part about relationships was very accurate. I am needy and constantly need to be reassured that the relationship is going to last. But I also care with all of my heart for the other person and will do anything to make them happy and to make sure that they know that I love them. Same with my friendships, I will do anything for my friends. I am excited to be a parent someday, and the profile said that it will be one of the best things I’ll do in my life so we will see. As far as my career goes, I am somebody who always has a To-Do list and pre-plans everything. Actually, I was planning on planning out some of my trips after I finish this.


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